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RASP is Expanding

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We are currently adding a 2,500 square foot storage area for the purpose of maintaining employee safety, our immediate need for more manufacturing space and growth.

When the COVID-19 struck RASP initially shut down the company and sent everyone home with full pay. After evaluating things, we came up with a plan to reopen safely but this required more floor space to ensure everyone stayed separated. We were able to make it all happen, but we knew space was going to be a real problem. So, the plan is to add a warehouse facility to store inventory along with finished products and that will free up the space we need.

Emergency Use Ventilator

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RASP Inc is proud to be a supporter of a local consortium led by John Stone along with many great people pooling their talents and resources together to design and build an emergency use ventilator. RASP Inc. provided the engineering and a prototype control system shown here on YouTube. The goal is to have a low cost and easy to build ventilator to be used in emergency situations when there are no other options available. Many people have donated their time or expertise for this effort and in the end have a fully functional system. The future will determine the need or use for such a system, but it is nice to know we have options because of all the work these folks put in.

Thank you to:
John Stone | Dan Stec | Dr Morrissey | Tom Cahill | Dave Morrissey | Jim Reilly
Kevin Holochwost | Glenn Balschunat | Fred Martin | John Yannes | Scott Wheeler
Tom Cahill | Glen Wadleigh

BOCES Recognition Award

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As a proud supporter of the hands-on educational services including, BOCES, CTE, PTECH and Early College Career Academy, RASP Inc. is honored to have been awarded the Outstanding Business Partner award. RASP will continue to support and engage in promoting these great services in our area.

25 Years

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2020 will be an exciting year for RASP Inc. as enter our 25th year in business. Starting in 1995 in a small garage, to today with 30 employees, we continue to compete in a high tech industry with the goal of being a support arm for local companies.


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As of August 1st 2020, we hope to maintain our now 16 continuous years of safety for an OSHA non-reportable incident and congratulations to all of our staff.