Control Panel Wiring

Wiring1Along with good wiring practices we wire systems using wire or cable for digital, analog, high voltage and low voltage applications.  We offer many different  types of wire, termination types and wire labeling.  While our standard hookup wire is (UL1015) Stranded tinned copper,-40deg C to +105deg C, MTW, UL VW-1 Flame test, 600 volt rated, Wiring2we are accustomed to using various types of wire such as MTW, teflon, SIS,  thermocouple,  multiconductor, shielded and many others. We generally  use bare wire compression terminations but also offer various options such as fork, ring, pin, ferrules and spade connections.

Wiring3When it comes to labeling our standard practice are heat shrink labels which provide good quality label reducing the chance of falling off, unraveling or becoming non-legible. We can also offer and use other labeling styles such as adhesive wrap around labels and or any other method you prefer.  In addition to termination and labeling we consider wire routing for signal isolation, high/low voltage segregation and flexibility for  moving bundles.